About Fruugo

Why Fruugo?
Have you ever found something awesome online just to find out that it can’t be delivered to your country? Or felt like you don’t trust a site enough to give your credit card details? Or couldn’t figure out the delivery terms because they are in a language you don’t understand?

We thought it’s about time to turn things around. Fruugo was born to make shopping Simple, Safe and Social.
Products from all over Europe in one place
Our mission is to bring all sorts of products sold by Europe’s best online shops for you to discover and buy – all in one secure and fun shop. We already have 150 trusted retailers from Finland, the UK, the Netherlands, and Sweden at Fruugo, offering over 300,000 products from brands like Nike, Haglöfs, Suunto, TIGI, Redken, L’Oréal, Polar, and LEGO. We’re also proud to have smaller retailers selling stuff you probably won’t find anywhere else. Retailers pack and ship the products you order at Fruugo and Fruugo handles your payment – that’s why you place just one order and pay one time, but the products arrive in separate packages from different countries.

Simple and convenient
We want to make it simple for you to shop both for products you buy all the time and for products from other countries that you cannot find at home. That’s why the Fruugo shop is in your language, product prices are in your currency, you pay using the payment methods you are used to, and if you have questions, our customer care is always there for you. All this in one place, with one login and one secure account!

Safe and secure
You won’t ever have to worry about not getting the products you order, or not getting a refund when shopping at Fruugo. When you buy at Fruugo your money is kept safe and sound by the bank until you have received the products and the return period is over. If you have second thoughts about your order, you have 14 days to return a product and receive a full refund. We follow the local consumer protection regulations of each country we operate in and work hard to protect your rights.

Fun and social
Like, dislike, follow and be followed. Shopping, as we see it at Fruugo, should be fun, social, and exciting. Create your public profile and collect the products you like, the products you don’t like, and the stuff you already own. Connect to people with similar tastes, comment on and recommend products and discover new ones through the people you follow.

Welcome to Fruugo!

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