Ganvol 2 x 100g Reusable Car Silica Gel Headlights Moisture Removers

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Ganvol 2 x 100g Reusable Car Silica Gel Headlights Moisture Removers

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Ganvol Reusable Silica Gel Dehumidifier has a high absorbency capacity which makes it a perfect moisture absorber for a humid environment. It can absorb moisture up to 35% of its original weight. Once the dehumidifier bag is full of moisture, put it on the heater or under the sun to dry it. If possible, every few hours, shake it briefly so that all moisture can disappear from the granules faster. A large bag of pet food can get soggy. You can keep dry food dry by keeping them in an airtight container with a damp trap packet. Toss a humidity absorber in the container of pet food to keep it fresh. Moisture can cause mould, decomposition, and spoilage of pet food. Moisture absorber can also prevent mould in pet food.Also work as a simple yet effective boot dryer to keep moist shoes dry (not for soaking wet shoes) due to sweaty feet. Made of safe DMF silica gel (free of DIMETHYL FUMARATE). Suitable for any shoe, boot or glove. It SLOWLY absorbs the moisture needed for bacterial and fungal growth, reducing the smell of cat piss permeating from the damp sweaty shoes.Life savers if you need to work long hours in the snow. Leave these Ganvol boots dryer bags on the radiator when you are off work and put them in the boots when you get home. The boots will be a lot drier the next morning. The number of boots dehumidifiers depends on how moist the boots are.Handy drying kit if you find it impossible to internally dry the drysuit boots after washing the inside of the dry suit. They dry the suit boots nice and keep the inside dry.

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