Private information protection

We highly value your privacy and take good care of your personal information. We securely store all your private data, so that you can be sure that no one else will be able to view or modify your personal data or any information related to your activity in Fruugo.

Fruugo guarantees that we will never share your information with outside parties. 

As Fruugo is a global marketplace and orders are fulfilled by our retailers, we are required to provide the retailer of your order with information so that your parcel can be dispatched.

Fruugo will never ask you for your username and password in an e-mail communication. Likewise, we will never ask you for your personal information, credit card number, credit card security code (CVV/CVC), social security number, or any other confidential information through e-mail. Sometimes you may receive e-mails that look like they were sent by Fruugo, while, in fact, they are falsified. Most often, such e-mails instruct you to send your login details or other private information in reply to the message. Do not provide your login details under any circumstances. Your private information might be stolen and used to commit fraud.

We highly recommend you to store your Fruugo login details in a safe place and not to share them with anyone. If you suspect fraud or e-mail spoofing, please contact Fruugo customer care by emailing immediately.