Let S Find Out Pattern Game Fying Chess Game Toys Over 3 Years Old

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Let S Find Out Pattern Game Fying Chess Game Toys Over 3 Years Old

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Share with Double FunLets Find Out Pattern Game Flying Chess GameHand-eye CoordinationResponse CapabilityThinking AbilityConcentration Ability WillpowerProduct parametersProduct Name: Intelligent Fun toyBrand: YuchiModel No.: NO.6898Place of Origin: Shantou, China Ages: Over 3 years OldCategory: Intelligent Fun toy Material: PlasticGross Weight: About 600gNet Weight: About 440g Accessories: 1 Pcs Gameplay Boards, 72 Clue Cards, 16 Detective Markers, 72 Badges, 1 Hourglass, 1 DiceDouble-sided Game DesignThe 2 in 1 fun game with multiple playing methods can exercise your child's hand-eye coordination, reaction ability and thinking ability.More Playing Methods More FunFive gameplay designs increase fun to your child' s happy hour.Game Rules to Keep in MindGame Rules: Assemble the game boards and shuffle 72 clue cards (Only part of clue cards are needed in each game). Each player is given 8 clue cards in two-player game, 6 clue cards in three-player game, and 5 clue cards in 4-player game. After the players get the clue cards, they can't peek and must position the face down cards in front of them. Each player chooses 3 detective markers of the same color to be used at hand. 72 badges are put to one side to be assigned at the end of each round of the gameDetective GameAct as a small detective to break big case quickly.1.The game starts with the youngest player who flicks over one clue card and places it in the center of the game board. (The player must flip the cards outwards and can't peek).2. There will be 3 patterns appearing in the clue cards. Players must find the corresponding patterns in the game board as soon as possible. Each time they find a pattern they will use their own detective markers to cover the corresponding patterns in the game board. When all 3 patterns are found, the game is over.3.Each time a player finds a correct pattern, he can get 1 badge. If he places the cards in the wrong area, he will be penalized with 1 badge. So please watch carefully. (The hourglass is used for timing. When the hourglass splits the last grain of sand, this round ends and will begin the next round).4. The player on the left side continues to open one clue card and place it in the center of the game board. The hourglass begins timing and the new round begins until all the clue cards are flipped over. The player with the most badges wins.Find Out Pattern to collect Badge GameFind out the patterns with sharp eyes and fast fingers. The number of badges is the key to win. The 72 badges are evenly distributed to all players and the game begins. Open a clue card and put it in the center of the game board. All players will find patterns together within a specific time. The player who finds the most patterns can get the corresponding badges from the player who finds the least patterns. (According to the number of patterns found). The rules of reward and punishment are as below. The player who wins first place gets the corresponding badges from the second and third place players. The player who wins the second place gets corresponding badge from the player of the third place. Until all the clues cards are flipped over, the player with the most badges wins and the game ends Team MatchPlayers can work in team and help each other with the same game process. Scores of two teams will be counted and the team which gains the highest scores will win. Personal time TrialRandomly select 4 clue cards, pick up all the de-tective markers, and place all detective markers one by one in the correct position on the game board. Let' s see who can find the most patterns in the specific time. Refresh your records every day

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