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STABILicers SPORT were developed for our serious sports enthusiasts. We know you won’t let winter stop you, so we’ve designed a product that can help you enjoy it with a little less risk. Whether you&

039;re hiking an icy trail, going for a winter run, or just getting out for a latte in a blizzard, STABILicers SPORT provide confidence-inspiring grip. An aggressive cleat and tread combination create perfect mobility and traction. Engineered to be lightweight with Tension-Fit Binding™, STABILicers SPORT hold securely to your favorite running shoe or hiking boot, and can be worn with most casual footwear. Product features: Full foot slip protection with heel and forefoot cleats maintains traction throughout your natural stride while walking or running. Dual-Density TPE Elastomer construction with replaceable cleats provides longwearing durability. Lightweight TPE Elastomer holds STABILicers SPORT securely in place. Traction tread outsole and cleats contact walking surface, providing superior grip on ice, snow, rock, and pavement. Replaceable cleats save money­ and increase product longevity. New Velcro© Powder Strap keeps SPORT securely in place for rigorous activities such as snow trekking and trail hiking. STABILicers™ SPORT FAQs What kind of shoes can I use my STABILicers SPORT with? You can wear STABILicers SPORT with athletic shoes, casual shoes, hiking boots or work boots. (Sorry, high heels and larger boots are out.) How do I attach STABILicers SPORT to my shoes? STABILicers SPORT have an Elastomer tension-fit binding system that will keep them snugly in place. Because STABILicers SPORT stretch over a shoe or boot they take more effort to put on than the original STABILicers making them less desirable for anyone who has arthritis in their hands. Will my STABILicers SPORT stretch out, making them not fit over time? STABILicers SPORT are made out of a special Elastomer compound that allows them to have a great memory and are designed to hold their shape. However, if left on a pair of shoes or crumpled up in a closet, they may change their shape slightly. On what surfaces can I wear STABILicers SPORT? STABILicers SPORT can be worn on most surfaces found outdoors. They are not intended for indoor use and can scratch floors and catch on carpeting. STABILicers SPORT are also not designed to work on hard slick surfaces such as tile, polished stones or metals that are totally smooth. Do STABILicers SPORT provide traction on clear pavement or sidewalks? Yes, STABILicers SPORT grip pavement, rock, sidewalks, and most outdoor conditions. How do I know what size to order? Check out our Size Chart. Select your shoe size and find the corresponding STABILicers SPORT size. If you are between two sizes, order the smaller size if you are buying them primarily for running shoes and the larger if you are getting them for boots. A close fit is all you need; it doesn&

039;t need to be exact. UK Sizes are as follows: X Small 3-5 Small 5.5-7.5 Medium 8-9.5 Large 10-12 How often do I need to replace the cleats? It will depend on how often you wear STABILicers SPORT and on what surfaces. If you use them only on ice and snow they will last indefinitely. If, however, you wear them on pavement, they will need to be checked for wear more frequently. Replace cleats when the surface area becomes smooth. How do I replace the cleats? The cleats can be changed very easily with a ¼” socket wrench or screwdriver. Replacement cleats are available in bags of 25, but only a few on each sole will need to be changed at once. Can I just buy screws at the hardware store for replacement? STABILicers SPORT cleats are designed to fit into a threaded receptacle and are made from case-hardened steel to reduce wear. They have a specially designed shape that bites into ice. How will temperature changes affect my STABILicers SPORT? STABILicers SPORT are designed for winter use, so cold weather will not affect them. However, STABILicers SPORT are not fond of high heat and should not be left in direct sunlight or in a stuffy car. Should I pre-stretch my STABILicers SPORT before I try them on for the first time? Yes, pre-stretching your new STABILicers SPORT will allow for an easier first time fit. How should I store my STABILicers SPORT over the summer? Remove the cleats (recommended, but not required) and store them in a dry area. STABILicers SPORT should not be stored in any high heat location (such as porches or in cars.)

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